So, Öüï take in a Stray, poo’thing is not perfect


It’s a despicable Bostonian. We [the staff] were doing our nightly Tour de Paname, the P.S.G. took the frog classic 3-1. Clint fucking Eastwood was jetted out on a pile of Studio magazines (2 boxes full), but the real crime was seeing all of the pages that clearly thought someone how to arrange a set of Keys on a piano from Peanuts to  für Elise, as a bonus, 4 tomes filled with the instructions on how to properly walk the Tour de France.

Update on the “https” issue at arrobajuarez

Banksters default on SEVERANCE PAY:7CB1C02F-98B7-4826-91F9-317FF375F6FF •|• CORPORATIONS ARE people too, my friend, said a Samoan mormon on the Bill Maher show. •-_!_-•  … dot times Three, “When Capitalism does it to our closest neighbor (south of C.A.N.A.D.A.) it’s not a crime”, dijo Donald Trump, citing Nixon.

North American Mailing Systems

Hey, Barnicle, does the president of “the” Bank of America use NAMS for their Credit Card junk mail needs?

Please respond.

P.s… Dear, Willie Gueist: there are no “little countries”, however,


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