Next thing Ewe know, they’ll take My Flash, —à Güey


… y ya sabén cómo le gusta gorgorear a “don Goyo”, hoy por ser día de San José, among other thangz’.

The Answer:43A6FEC5-6D68-4D14-8641-7B3DBC625C10… it depends on who is “pointing” the camera.

And in local news:

—The French Defense Minister Florence “War Mama” Parley, is set to travel to Washington D.C. this coming Monday, to meet an “acting” defense secretary.

With little hope that the Defence Minister can whisper any sense into the trumpian lackey, the French Defense Ministry wants to leave Washington (Reuters) with one clear understanding on the Pentagon’s War Daddy playpen:


La MARINE NATIONALE is in no way, shape or form associated with the nationalist Marine, and her Pen–pal friends in Italy.

Can Eye Play with Madness?:B9835B90-2FAF-4752-ACE6-35639C81F2A5

— In Europe, U.S. News is now calling it’s its “military Section”: Civic… unarmed sources rumor that the publication must be sponsored by Acura.

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