French bashing: patrimoine culturel immatériel de los Siete Mares

… and of course, patrimonio de l’humanite, or something like that.

How to see the ‘super worm equinox moon,’ the last supermoon of 2019:0BF8AE6B-1685-4B45-BD97-8022CEFAB42C •|• En Direct de Le G.R.O.S.S. Pomme aux Nantes

Anygüey, Suzi, previously on:
Las palomas de París.

It turns out that Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, the right-wing conservative pseudo pundit who, [along with a known cannibal and drummer boy on the Jon Batiste Jazz ensamble without a 📎] hijacked the real, Stephen T. Colbert, a debout meat-eating catholic on the Colbert Report, it turns out that Stephen a.k.a. “the lent meater
” didn’t get the N.O.T.E. on the scoop on Las Palomas de París and other birds of a’feather.

Famed cookie and the best worker on the face of the Globe, Joël Robuchon, is disgusted that stupid americans still call fried papas « French Fries”.

“It’s a fucking pomme, like your fucking Babylon 2, but in French, of course,” said Robuchon, who was breaking bread at Mabillon during an interview this afternoon.

Enter the Tactical “Polo”
and per
The Rachel Maddow Show request
Polo is wearing his trademark
Tan Suit…
pura puta providencia de Compagnon,
Just check out that Ops*

Things did not end there, dijo Polo, whose call sign is, Polo, of course, and proceeded to say the following about the Paloma ‘Sac–a–Dos’ experience, “es una puta abominación”, evidentemente, comenta el pinche viejo chistoso, esas pinches palomas estan algo tiesas del A.L.A. pero el Camu-Flash si les quedó chingón como el de mis jirafas,

CamusFlash:BDB27664-FD11-490A-94DA-F92D2A54D1A4   Ops, according to page 398 of, Connaissances des Hommes: Les Compagnons en France et en Europe; TOME PREMIER of the 1973 edition by Roger Garry & Cie., is part of the root found in Upsal, a Scandinavian city that is Sacred because it’s part of the happiest block on G.L.O.B.E..

¿a ver?, pregunta Polo, whose call S.I.G.N. is Polo, of course: let’s hear that fucking D.O.V.E. go, “Cu-cu-ru-cu-cu” sin echar pedos carnavaleros.

For Reference Use Only:E5F1970F-6A0F-4054-87C7-0D4607263166 •|• Tactical POLO

… gonna take a nap now.

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