La Boîte de Arianna en la caja de Pandora

Here you go, Bill:


Every time that a ‘brand new’ Lightning 💩 Cable®️ is rang at a check-stand, TIM APPLE builds a BRAND NEW swimmig pool.

For Every Thing ELSE:92734E9D-574F-4240-BC12-E32B80EEF9BD }-—~~~\,,,*> for everything else that’s why the French invented the TOILETTES, Johnny boy.

dot, dot, dot,
. (comma) . (coma) ;
(Point Virgule).
Now, if that same piece of 💩 cable is shipped via The Amazon to individual a.p.p.l.e. addicts, instead of delivering those GoD dAmNeD Donald Trump piece–of–Shït hair–thin chargin’ assembly of wires to a brick–n–mortar front, then the RAIN FOREST loses another L.U.N.G. (period)

real öüïmïn need no pods.

Viva el HuffPost de R.O.M.A.

Fair Use of Cut & Paste en Castellano:F6466652-BE96-4903-AEFA-F719E0C379FE •!• « Toma Chocolate… y welcome to the Sidelines, mis ex Huffers.

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Almost Live
from Fort Lewis, WaWaLand:

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