So, S.I.R.E.N., can ew feel it?

Et oui, la Banda del Batiste manquent un trombone ici.

Issy, en Castellano funciona tambor:0BDA7A4E-7ED7-4049-8A9F-8E5F7D572E9A •!• El sujetador.

She’s only Seventeen.

CAROLINA:311072B6-350C-4F9E-9474-C220AC75F5ED }-—~~~\,,,*> Lorem Ipsum, wait önë.

Dear, Freddy Got Fingered on ‘The‘ Colbert Report:

Please don’t get fingered again!

The secret to pushing a lustre outside of the shop, starts by dimming the lights, and then:

and then informing your host that, per his instructions, we [the staff] peeked into Friday night’s Colbert Report through a Chinese chandelier peddler glass (enfrente de la metáfora de la rue Cardinale), and the reflection of Nicolas Fouquet (en la planta baja) confirms that The Rachel Maddow Show was correct all along.

ÖÜÏ repeat:
TRMS was correct in calling out
“The” Colbert Report,
ON The Late Show,
“Stephen Colbert”.

We [the world] later learned that a FreeJack had occurred on or about the early days of the transition between the esteemed “gap–in–teeth” late night host named ‘Sopa de Letras’, or ‘Letterman‘, —or some gravitas sounding call sign like that— and the FOX newsie replacement feller from The Colbert Report; a guy who sources would later confirm that he (Stephen T. Coltrane Colbert) was a in fact a right Winger who went by the code name: P.a.p.a. B.E.A.R. O’Riley.


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