dot, dot, dot:

But, Sir, have you seen this version of “the movie”, yet?:D7DCB9EB-60E4-40FF-9975-97C837ED45E2

and another thing, Drum Boy.

Please relay to Mr. Chido,  if that is his real name, that the good thing about this most inconsequential blog is that  Stephen Colbert does not read it, and that Öüï [the staff] started a Watch company. But, and its it is a big but, because öüï ain’t into no infra-red hidden camera porno, and/or Schitt like that… Scooby-Doo porn parody’s ?  You betcha.

Additionally, Öüï, the motherfunking staff, don’t appreciate unwilling organ-donor jokes about waking up in a poll of blood, on account of a dog (named Karl) that manifested next to only Önë, ÜNÖ Nada más, Drum Boy, of our GAZILLIONS of “lounging” spots where Öüï might hang around, Across The Universe.

Ahora bien, Drum Boy, con respecto a los Broke-ass NIKE™️ that “Dissolved” near, or about the Three-point “line”. We fucking ride on Michelin’s. The Bridge… stones are for no brainers: FEED MÍ, Michelin Guide!. Or, hire this gunn.

How do Ewe like them Apples from my Caravan, Jon?

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