The Biggest Little Bee on The Face of the Earth

The Wallace Bee.

The Elephant in the Little Palace of Ari Melber Breakfast Club:8CB4E12A-68BE-4E5D-B143-C72E8F9FE9F4 }-~-~\,,, *> It’s High Noonan, Nigga! Let’s Cha-Cha this motherFUNKing Break into the Keys of Le Clef. •—_!_—• PLEASE, step into MY Sarahpe and get into that motherfucking CUBE; it’s the first STEP TO expand THE perimeters, and JEW! Of all sheeple should know by NOW, what Jimbo said about those motherfucking STARS.

And then Ari Melver went:
— Nice moño.

And the Young American* observed:
— It’s not a moño, it’s a Kentucky ghetto bow tie.

Dear Ari Melber: did you just call that dog** a bitch? But more to the point, did you know that:

once you make a mark, you make a threat to society? (that’s thing one).

anyway, POWER without CIVICS is a, (insert immigrant business plan) liquor store on ANYGIVEN SUNDAY, on any MLK Jr. Blvd…. or, dearest MARIANNE: Un INSTITUTO de Las Asiciaciones de “LOS” mexicanos en Europa, but if our investigating is correct, ESA Asociación de Ley francesa 1901 la desfloró el Servicio Exterior de La Embajada Mexicana del P.R.I…. ahora si, doña Sandra, cuélguese su rebosito y baíleme áste, marchantita, “El Son De La Negra“… dijo: El General de la Bragada Flotante: el peón ArroYo. 

And Ari Melver gulps:
— What’s the difference?

Joke’s on Ewe—BëæTCH!!!:7D472F6F-46BE-4793-9779-EA4052070974

The difference, Ari, if that is your real name, is that the “cup” prop is a Sam Stein ‘schtick‘, but for the sake of the challenge, we’ll do the plus–es on the Cuervo wearing the GAP.

And the Young American explains:
—It’s very simple and Kosher, mine is a necklace, but if a Dyke would wear it, then this accessory becomes a Chain. In other words, Ari, the Chain/Necklace regalia involves issues of Gender Dynamics, and por pura puta consequencíami negro– it also involves Power, and if it’s Kosher to call cunts, bitches, then what’s the harm in calling anygiven nigga’s**** Element neck-wear, a motherfucking chain‽

Now Thing TWO:

When you ask your top dawg on the panel how many “necklaces” he is sporting, and you, Ari Melver count, “one? Two? —four‽”, thereby skipping the motherfucking three, you sir, are leading the Witness into a basic motherfucking perimeter; es decir, Ari, a Basic motherfucking Square. Cattle! Cattle is rounded-up into a basic square with a motherfucking fence.

Fragmented footnotes and a preliminary re-adjusted perspective on Credit, Debt, and a fucking Ferrari.

1. To process the Young Americans reference, please assume that you know the difference between a nigga with a Cadillac, and a nigga with a BOWIE knife.

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