PHRN 101
A case study into Cousin Joe’s noggin shape.
Instructor: Bud Costello
Assistant: Georges Guingouin
Location: Limousin, France.


∴ Limousinants » follow, and Political Animals gather.

Lou Abbott dreamt that he was a Beatle in Johnny Lyndon’s pre-P.U.N.K. rock and roll E.N.S.A.M.B.L.E.

But first, Sam Stein is so U.G.L.Y.?

[And the line of Comedy S.O.U.P. ticket holders* corean, How ugly is he?

*The comedy S.O.U.P. goers wait patiently outside of the Ed Sullivan Theater’s back alley like sheep on a snowstorm, anyway Donnie Deutsh, the props for Stephen Colbert commercials [Laugh Track goes here] are transported (through synapses) to the time when they would recite (or say) the times tables together, right before the Nuclear Holocaust exercise drills, which were triggered every time that an Arsenal–Holding and, “well regulated militia member” felt like using Military nodes to to launch the next civil war.

NOTE FOR BRONTIS à la Préfecture:

In a strange turn of fate, and almost immediately after you confiscated my First Renovation for my French–issued VISA, San Bernardino, California,, started to turn into a place where NOTHING used to HAPPEN; you know, Like in México right before el Ünö de diciembre del último año del peña-nietismo institucionalizado, o como diría JOHN MILL ACKERMAN: una pinche república bananera en Santa Barbara. Önë year later, nomás porque el pinche destino es así de PUTIN, el Dr. Ackerman andaría junto con su mujer arriando animalitos para Andrés Manuel López Obrador en San BRDO.

NOW, Brontis,THIS IS WHY IT matters…

However, Marianne, it won’t be possible to unroll those clusters until the next defragmentation of this novella. Ask Monsieur Brontis, why? He should remember the Chorus Line, which took place before the S.O.U.L. K.I.T.C.H.E.N. guiónes were even drawn on a spent napkin: Uso Justo de los Teen Tops:

Right now, Marianne, there is a more pressing issue developing –yet, again. Right now, Öüï need to figure out what to do with Sam Stein’s ugly m.u.g… so we’ll see you Monday, and no, Marianne, Eye won’t forget the Meatloaf; Eye would rather serve yo Texas Style Brisket, but then, ‘Pedos de Algodón de carnaval” podría pensar que el staff le está mandando flores.

But before ÖÜÏ switch it over to Dr. Bud Costello, we’d like to “opine” about Drum Boy’s « broke-ass ” sounding Crash. Maaaaan! That’s why güi went back all the way back to the 100 hr. War, to show Stephen, the way that a self-respecting StarLord lover, like him, is supposed to kick someone when s/he are down; it’s GOOD TRAINING and it happens right before the “Kangaroo lady (from the Wild Turkey farms” scream, which starts the mismísimo Riot Act.

You know the thing about Venezuela and Nicaragua is?:9E171D86-4209-4C4B-83D1-C3149A4D4246… RON Bacardi; however, nowadays Eye believe the kids of Maduro are stealing Vodka. ÖÜÏ don’t drink Potato(es).

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