“Kangaroo lady with her bourbon in a pouch,,,\* »

Hey–Hey ÖÜÏr’d da SIMIANS
as re-hashed by:
Rebarb McEntire and remain Human.

Here’s your Önë chance fancy:9DC62AE6-2D72-4361-A55F-78EDDEAD8148

When a talking monkee loses its phantasmagoric tail, Chaango is allowed to jam in the big Great Gig in the Sky.

However, if that talking monkee, sang for the “700 Club” and/or the Bakers or worst,
the Stewarts, then s/he goes to the big Walmart in the electronics aisle.

And Sebastian Bach responds:
Wanna see what Eye see on a Saturday Night?

Go Ahead, Lorne: Take it Down and bury SKID ROW in Chris Matthews NBC vault.

Let’s do the “math”:
7 + 7; 14
1 + 4; 5

AND FRANK 🖤 dot, dot, dot:

And 🖤 goes:
— If man is DAVID LETTERMAN’s favorite number; then that number must be?

And Armando Álvarez, goes:
—What is: Nhumero Zink.o.

TimeStamp: Telegram Sam, how d’ya LIKE MY TWANG now, Said Django Bass Jake.

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