Le début de el beguine, starring Rosanne Barr

Sam Stein is so ugly that?

MOS (Def):66BCB689-410F-409A-9645-1161688F3D09 }-~-~\,,,\*>  Staff Sergeant Wallace; military occupational speciality 66B, Public Health nurse. SSG Wallace is co-funder of “the” Know–Your–Hot_Lips~Value sorority house.

dot, dot, dot:
his shadow wears a mask.

YUP. (Ewe are being programmed by the cute “little” aqua blue that you are seeing everywhere!!!)

Let’s play Rage Hardball:9474609E-D0CA-45EF-86F5-1AC775F3B743

SAM stein is so ugly?

—Yes sir, mr. Mason. InddeD, Sam Stein is very ugly; why that motherfucking Beast is so ugly, that:

The Mask:EEFD6826-6819-49EB-99AE-9B8D46EF645F… this is his mask! Good god, Sam Stein! You are one ugly pundit.

Sam Stein está tan, pero TAN feo, que TIN?

—Tan (river) dice que ni en Vietnam lo quieren ver.

… now (girl) push that barn door real good.

[And Brï-Güaï goes]:

—”Push it real good.” And do it like when you cook for the staff, at the office, barefooted.

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