La conjugación de una idea fija, para Susan del Percio.

Hold it D.A.R.E.
while Eye hit it.

This is a clear COPYRIGHT infringement on Ladybugs everywhere:256EEEC6-001A-4FBE-B3AD-B956D13C9F10… Dear, Drum Boy… is there Collective Barganing in that beat there, or is Stephen cloning your baguettes for OverTime? What’s up with that Brooklyn Frog? Already assimilated to the Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY mattress blow-outs. It figures, “them” french leave the kitchen for the help. The HELP!!! Jeff. — The HELP!.

Musical Bridge:
Lady Snitzer and Fly Spectacles.

[Frank Sinatra takes a stroll through the Ed Sullivan Theater, and sighs…]

— Dear, God. A fucking Violin!?

[George Burns answers]

— Shut up, ya’Bum. We ran out of Trombone molds.

— Look, Big G, all Eye am sayin’ is that things have gone Wacky ever since them mop-heads invaded the Ed Show. What’s next, Big G? Old Dirty Bastard fighting it off against the Original Walrus?

and God goes.

—Go listen to Something, Frank.

Lucharáaaaaaaaaan:D8CE8FA2-62F2-49B8-AB78-5E3A75DBE51D •-!-• Let’s ‘C’ what La R[i]ZA Z’zzzz.
22 + 8 = 30; 3 + 0 is Three.
The Method works! Man.

… dot, dot: DOT. That’s all Eye have. Enjoy All That Jazz.

We now switch it over to Susan del Percio, where a jam-packed with peanut butter and jelly Home Economics 101 session is already in progress.

IHEAL:59C0B3DD-AE39-4879-8BBA-51D2769D7670 — El Instituto de Altos Estudios [Bill —motherFucken—Maher] de la américa latina suena mejor EN R O M A, and not because Mateo’s Uncle is a Rich Cuarón. Just ask Ms. N. Watts. Just do the TimeStamp addition then deduct the Things Three Saw when the rest of the C.R.E.W. were fast asleep, watching a movie, WHILE THE FIRST YELLOW VEST, were wearing CIVILIAN CLOTHES on the DAY THAT THE MEXICAN PRESIDENT was my NIGGA FRANÇOIS HOLLANDE guest of honor during La BASTILLA de París. Y Sergio (presidente de Morena-Francia) no lo puede ni con su meñique en los labios Negar, nigga. • It’s Black History Month. Starring Omar Sy as a motherfucking Submarine.

[Mika Scarborough is setting the price for the first round, she lays the Basics, and then all the Officers, of course, and when she arrives back to Octopussy (John Mill Ackerman) she asks the contenders what the price of a mass produced peanut-butter and sandwich costs to produce, and how many Peter Jacksons–es–es can it feed on the trenches?

MIKA KILLED ODDBALL IN 2016:B1A4DF68-FDF5-4705-9E5A-621489BFF35C — Nice betrayal, bitch.

… and Juliette goes: it’s not 69, Susan… and Rahm Emmanuel goes: You know Cousin Joe, EYE finally GET what THIS FUCKEN BLOG WAS TRYING TO WEDGE into your corporate sponsored political mumbo jumbo morning show. But, Cousin Joe, you are just LIKE SIRI and her Humor when it comes to parody and sarcasm, right mr. One–Time Deutsch‽

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