wait for it.

Is that you, John Jon “H.” Stewart?

la Lesbiana invisible:F6C78F58-21E7-4136-A8EE-EBC938BACC4F — meets Bradley Cooper in a smokin’ tux.
and Roger Stone (R.S.) goes:
—You look like a Penguin.
and then the R.S.Circus Coro(um)
say, “all together now”:

Now, Eye know that y’all have heard
of El Viejo Lesbiano
(Vicente Fox)
… it’s not Önë of “doze ».

F.U.C.K. the police, Gordo.


You want Magik?
Please exit through the gift shop
of the Bank at the ski lodge.
“Where Eagles D.A.R.E.”.

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