Dear, Marianne — The Night Bee four.

[Delayed entry goes here… wait for it]

The bird in this Segoviaspixes capture is not the Holy Ghost… besos para E. Jordan:E2095B11-0C02-4BBF-9AA4-A841C032E852… Got Sancho?

Esta Paloma no es el Espíritu Santo. Esta paloma es el hermano del Sancho (Sánchez) en Amazon… and no, Siren, eye don’t practice Santería, Eye ain’t got no crystal ball, etc., etc., etc… and yes, Ari Melber, the Black Dot on the top is a “Black Hole Sun”. And, Chris Matthews, a Black Hole Sun” is not in any way, shape or form related to the “Masshole”, a.k.a. the “season ticket” holder for the very stupid and ugly Boston baseball team. Listen, “good Will” if your team won the Series it is because the fucking Dodgers betrayed the workers that clean their dirty laundry when they (El Ey) visited your clamy chow-chow city. Rumor has it, that Cambridge wants out. Fucking boston sucks. Below is picture of the type of bostonian that ÖÜÏ are referring to, a truly despicable talking monkee.


Dear, Brontis à la Prèfecture. Please accept my sincerest apology for the delay of our next dish, for you:
“the” meatloaf.

La Vache!!!:91516A91-96CD-4507-B038-05EC1809C946 •\../•  Porno for M∴söns. StripTease FOR drafters, THE SEXIEST SQUAT EYE EVER SAW! — It’s been recorded, that during Winter Warfare cows made wonderful sleeping bags, pero eso sí, only after the Tripas were ripped right out of La Vacheeeee!!!

We [the staff] promise to respond to our previous exchange at Cité, before the end of this week; and for the record, please be advised that we [the staff] actually whipped up an answer to your instructions, on that same day, and with the same reflex that Forrest Gump ping-spanks a pong ball [right back to Elise Jordan*] but then, the “train of Consequences”, which you, Marianne, derailed back in September of 2014, finally took a turn for the haywire, and that, —mi apreciada instigadora— is a good thing because now most of crossroads, the avenues of approach, and the circles (or glorietas) on this journey have finally paired up into a bunch of little Venn Diagrams, which will eventually group together a more cohesive narrative about Mexican corruption in France…

* got your flowers… Issi, Elise, the quiffs out—them Vulvas sure have a Sting on every Cent… so don’t stand so close to me, y “hay Amor, ya no me quieras tanto”

And Clapton Went: Knock, Knock?
… and the “Chief Commander” goes:
—The Zimmer, man.
… and Clapton, complains: but Eye haven’t even asked?
And the Cheif Commander says:
—Ain’t no sunshine without Cocaine, get busy with them riffs’.

So, without further ado:
Enjoy the rest of the “FOOTNOTES » of a funny thing that happened on the way to Les Halles, and Eye will see you on Monday, February the 18th.


[Defragmentation goes here]


10.49 in CET—buddy come on’Down!!!

[Filler goes here]

[Argument follows]

Why Knot?:ED140447-71BC-47D3-AA1C-E50426EAD8F6 . • . It’s Black History Month‽

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