And now… the Despicable bostonian meets à el horripilante Boludo de la plata


It’s true.
These two scumbags are one in the same.
They probably even took the same vessel to get to the “Two Americas”.
Their self-assurance y la arrogancia de su estampa implica sácarles la puta vuelta.

El Boludo y Los Bostonians
Los Centuriones Agropecuarios.

Only on Canal C–Plus Matin
cada Veinte minutos,
como si fuese transmisión de

The following is a pundit Service announcement:

Dear, Nicole. Please don’t feel gutted. Nice buttons, BTW., and Donnie, Harriers don’t necessarily “land” like your regular jet. And no. No screen grab tonight, and you are welcome, Donnie. Vertical landings, (why Knott’s) that’s where it’s at, and you can’t make this up, Chuck Todd is right, The Alps are full of sluts, and Everest is an easy Vertical drop. Anygüey, Nicole, it’s not you, you Madam, are right about that, it’s that dress. Ughhhhh!

What are you, like in the P.T.A.?

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