Dear, Marianne, meet Robert Francis O’Rourke

… but first Öüï take a stroll to Miner Village and cut the pass at the Sun Bowl to say Hello, to the Cottons.

This is not a Centerfold page:1E0D886C-2188-4431-8155-720A0855A4BB

— She’s not in.

Mmmmh, of course. —

— Would you like to make an appointment?

Eye am a ghost,
Eye don’t need no stinkin’ cita to see La Madrina —

Fixing un Lienzo para el Toile de Trump, ¿en dónde CHINGADOS quedó la Escuadra?:539BAA53-A663-4571-95D9-43CF61FFDDBA

— It’s part of the process.
That’s all.

Forget about it.
what’s going on with the Orangutanes de Borneo? —

La petit vitesse meets la petit histoire:9B535FD8-5794-451F-8DC9-CDC02506A245 •—• “Encantados”, aulló el Jay on Hawkins Boulevard.

—That’s right, the last time we spoke
you were telling me about your “travels”, and (EYE) was projecting the PHIL 1403 dean.

Passing Glory:FA11EC7C-4C83-40C9-9CEE-4A39A45F5C1C… or Glory Road.

You know, Doc., after all that we went through and you are still lobbying for MARCELO Ebrad to take care of la mina, really speaks Volumes to why Hilarty ensued after Hillary took The Abraham Chavez last time around —


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