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Scene ii

Breaking the News:8906BA8A-CF23-4FB3-A751-C97DF59979F2 — At the Rockefeller Center, Cousin Joe is getting back to The Steak & Lobster lunch hour (in Central Europe Times) to add flair to the “early bird” happy feet hour, Cousin Joe, in association with ©️Starbucks®️ have has added an individual miniature jukebox on every table. Glenn Close is listening to Eddie Rabbit. It appears, that mr. Rabbit (if that is his real name) is romancing the Stones with some Eye–Eye AY! Kat page Turner, who dressed in white, (Kat Turner) is acting like a Wilder version of Joan. •..• Onlt, on the J. T. Colton Late Show.

Always look on the bright side of death…
or something like that.

E22B7C5C-FCF4-4620-B527-5C4C599C01CA… Here you go, Michael Che, DO scribble within the margins of this frame. Happy Cake Day. Reference material is courtesy of the iplayboy, or some catalog like that.

11 de febrero, 2019.

So, Starlord, did you catch Lorne’s boys WeekEND UPdate? Maaaaannnnn, fucking, Denton! That mutt went all Matthew McConauhey on what appears to have been a P.O.V., but this information has yet to be confirmed, for all we know, Denton could have been fucking a Company vehicle, and that, motherfucker, —is the problem with Denton. He’s a hooptie-humping-hunkster.

Anuncio: pinguinos and coke

Guess What Starlord:8D0E8413-3EED-4D3C-BE58-96417FE2452F… EGO is not your REAL dad… (dot, dot, dot) and your mom was a Bunny, doc.

Mean, while Donald Trump plays straight into the Old Red Scare squad arepa2000 in Venezuela, en los E.E.U.U., no pasa mas que pura Chingada ¡pero eso sí, Virginía!, todas Quintas.

En México, pero para dárle en el Clavo, en VERAputaCRUZ, la mamá de Memín (that’s Little Willie en Inglés del “bueno”) le pregunta a el Pengüín, en dónde Coñ’oh s’tan las Zanahorias, y ya han de recordar, pinche bola de Jarochos del Club del Ratón Crispín,  cómo es de jiribillero el pinche Pinguín.

Memín Penguín:

“soy, víctima de un dios, Fragil — Temperamental”:1C0B2776-BC15-472F-81C3-EE3E1775A15E

—el señor de Los AguacateSS-es-Es—!ESE!, me dió PURO PALO ALTO.

This here
is not,
with Eugene Robinson*


… and Michael Che goes, dios mio, what is Christopher Hitchens relaying to Simone Fredericks, who, AS IT TURNS OUT, keeps reporting from Disneyland Paris after the BBC HAD TO RELOCATE, because of the BREXIT, —to motherfucking FRANCE, y’all.

Desarrollo Integral de la Familia:32B4DED5-386C-4B58-A04A-3D2E6422CE2A •..• Think about it‽ Please. Karime, era la DIFharaona del Desarrollo Integral de la Familia. She was supposed to look out for children. Instead, she is living in London Town. With Royal Albert Hall motherfucking season tickets for the entire family, and maybe hasta para sus vecinos.

Algunas noches soy easy like sunday mornings

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