Dear, Marianne. Wait Önë… Must SquareAway the “Star” Lord

Dear, Marianne.

Dear_StarLord_do Ewe want your mom’s picture IN LIVING COLOR?:30FD1F25-DDF5-4A1D-9174-80AEF01031D3… yo’Drum Boy, thank you for “flipping” the futon… Bleüquid Dreams are a real “Mother”.
—Y luego, StarLord; Assim Falou Zaratustra: IT’s HIGH–NOONAN BITCH.

This here is a brief intermission in our continuing series: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the forum, and WHILE WE REMAIN IDLE please accept this, here—motherfucking—ADDENDUM for CREDIT in your ” non-existent” Êtranger affairs.

[The following must be read in an Anderson Cooper’s, EyE can’t believe the motherfucking SyNapSes-es—d’ese_Vato—pinche Chong!]

Note to editors: on this platter, Joe Friday is a lean-mean good looking bleü-ËÿË’d private investigator. Today he’s been summoned by Alejandro Trebek to figure out what the hell happened to the stoned iguana that was featured on one his, “bajita la mano—aquí entre nos”, greatest Tournament of Champiñones unexpected contestant.

For reference use only:684EA661-2D10-450D-B237-CBE3CF03A47B

1 + 9 + 7 + 4
21; 2 + 1

19 + 74
93; 9 + 3
12; 1 + 2

97 + 14
111; 1 + 1 + 1
94 + 17
sigue siendo TRES.

The premise d’este rollo is that the real life Anderson (if that is his “real name”) Cooper gets sucked into a dimension where “the” show business industry has to reckon with a backlog of Animal Cruelty reported by PETrA y GaLa on les Mis-en-Scene expuestos around The Globe.

Scene 1.

Jonah did not live inside of a FISH: DEBB4D1C-E55D-4C43-B2B0-FE8FB87C42BA —•— cotejado para StarLord.

“Excellent to Mint Condition , Appears Never Read, * »

Joe Friday is speaking with the janitor.
— Just the facts mr. Ripley.

Matt Ripley:
— Listen, man… eye just wipe the chalkboards around this here joint clean, that’s all—Eyes Mint— that’s all that Eye—doo. Eye swear.

Ripley is the caste of mutt that one gets after tragically ordering a mix of rosbif and frog legs, and microwaved gazpacho on your lunch box: a despicable Bostonian.

Nice Bicycle Seat:D6A667AF-1A52-460B-9C48-3EB186912DE7… Eye started a Sheeping Company. Eye Weave Fleas!

He (Ripley) couldn’t hide the fact that he was sizing Friday up and down with every swipe that slowly but surely erased a board that used to explain the sort of salads that a taboulé raso could be served, or, in the worst case scenario, —accompagné with.

— Look, man, Eye just wish to know if you saw the bunch come into the building?
— That’s all, and then you can get back to your scanning.

— Scanning? Who’s scanning? Just doing my job, man. Eye can’t help it if a few bits and pieces stay inside the disk. It feeds the mind and Eye just wish to ‘wet my beak’. Ewe, dig? SuperStar.

— Yeah, yeah, yeah, like putting Minnie on the Driver’s Seat, doing all right on a Saturday Night and then you’re gonna add that she can ride your car. i’ve seen that churro too, mr. Ripley, now at least tell me which way did they follow.

— Look, all Eye saw was Mr. Scarbourough and his WIFE come in with Willie Geuist wearing a panda suit. Tu tocayo Joe headed over to the Greenroom and his wife headed straight to the boys room.

Plus or Minus it’s the Same:96E60DFB-9CC7-48B8-B9A3-767DE652640B

— How’d ya know it was Willy Geist? And, was smoke coming out of the Boys room?

— He was carrying his head like a helmet, or a football. And, Ewe fucking betch-ya!!! The boys room was Up’ in Smoke, alright.

— Eye see. Any chance that an Iguana might have been smuggled inside of Mr. Geist-es-es Furry Suit?

Homework for Tomorrow, never knows:C1179436-CDCB-474B-88A1-B195D789A9F6 -•_!_•-  Say, there Saturday Night Kath, is that a little £echön shadowing your Bare Naked Lady right SENo, or are you just playing COSeno?

I’ve Seen more bizarre shit going down this Temple, like the time that a Whale was snuck inside of Mr. Hill’s Plein Cul.

Friday, sighs.

The Lord will make a güey:7561BE8C-076D-4EAB-801A-914EEFC1DFE5 }-–~~~\,,,*> Just another way to resume a bunch of random numbers. This stroke is called: when Serendipity mEATS SynchronISSYti:

Bon de Remise
803; 8 + 0 + 3
11; 1 + 1
1 + 2

10 / 02 / 2019
1 / 2 / 12
3 + 3
6… reduce in half
21 : 03: 09
3 + 3 + 9
15; 1 + 5
6… reduce in half
3 + 6 + 6
15; 1 + 5
6… y Dos son Ocho
y, Ocho?
Diez y Seis.
NOW for Extra Credit,
Link the 1 + 6
HALF of The Breeders:
Full Disclosure:
If man is five
the devil is six,
and if the devil is six
Then God is SEVEN

repeat 3X.

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