Dear, Marianne, this is an intermingle y yo solo sé que amarillo no me pongo, amarillo es mi color

Auto d’id act iii

Cera:4E871A5F-84D1-4930-A13E-9F99EF4F5188 — and girl you gave me Rabis. And Eye stole that para satisfacer my instinctive impulsos y armar para usted, amable público que no nos lee, una “overt expression” según dictionary punto com. • ! • Lo cierto es de que MAYA did not have to wait for the French to come up with Differential Calculus to figure out, empíricamente, como chingados hacer a un “cero” a la izquierda. Maya ya sabía de AnteMano, AMIGO BRONTIS, de que En El Servicio Exterior mexicano  de La Alianza francesita en chihuahuita, and at The El Paso Zoo, a eso se le llama CHAMAQUEAR, y eso (bola de culeros) es el PRIMER INGREDIENTE de la CORRUPCIÓN INSTITUCIONALIZADA… y amigo gustavo, no estoy gritando, ansina escrebo yo… Besos.

Bee. Like Muhammed Ali.
The huevos are safe with just a minimum of Cera, George Michael.


Music by James Gainsbourg… Brown Serge.

En Tombstone, France, manazO y Doc Holiday are drinking some spirit; y en el gabinete del presidente Emmanuel Macron la ecología ne En Marche plus. Happy Valentine break-up.

At the Holy See no pasa nada.

En el Vaticano no hay TRATA interna DE BLANCAS; mean, (if you read between the 7th grade report’s lines, Katty Kayy) while Bayer rapes seeds in thousands of hectares of fields located both in Germany and in France.

[Foto de archivo]

The Colors Ewe Paint—With Joe:3E50DF4F-9B6D-44C3-86F6-5851546F5274

Meanwhile, at the Vatican nadie se cogió a ninguna monja en contra de la voluntad de ese cadre de Eleanor Rigby’s profesionales.

The Colors Ewe Paint—With Joe:3E50DF4F-9B6D-44C3-86F6-5851546F5274 •—• and the Hobo goes:
—You Are The Star.

Los curitas mas bien se las parchaban (a las monjas) en los conventos de madera, o en los monasterios de piedra, AROUND THE GLOBE y todo porque a los pastores católicos no se les permite ni tan siquiera jalarse la pirinola para exprimir (como dicen los muy franceces) la bilis, rubina.

Anyhow, U.N.C.L.E. TOM francés, your Zizanie (you ROMAN Agent) no marcha —pas! hijo’eh puta— at this level of the immigration trail. Not on me. First of all, “tio tom”, and MARIANNE at the French Consulate on Santa Monica Boulevard WON’T LET ME (anonymous) armando segovia, lie, when i tell you (motherfucker) that i did not come to France to play the three-month integration routine.

foto de archivo

Context, for the Mexican U.N.C.L.E. Tom follows:273E9300-043F-4F63-9E5D-76960027B598

You know, motherfucker, the routine where you get aculturated for 12 weeks, then take a hop to Mutt Island for a brief stay, and then, motherfucker, when that VISA expires you cross back from the Picaddilly Circus to play the stage à le French Cirque d’Hiver. Fuck You UNCLE TOM, i (anonymous) armando segovia did not jump over the motherfucking Atlantic to play Bohemian Hobo on las chi-chis de Marianne, y menos en el forum, you B.I.T.C.H.

So, Chuck Todd, remember how The American side of La Promenade de los rosbif’s en Nice, (Mediterraneo) used to relay to you that then-candidate Macron, was from the Center Left?

The french situation at the pump:506FA2A1-DFD6-4B7F-A4E3-91F1BD736674… The Nerve on You, Chuck Todd. wait one… Thing Önë: The nerve on you Chuck Todd for “begging the answer” to the question of gas prices in France, when historically, Chucky Boy,  your Local Union 76 was practically giving gallons away on the nickel, compared to the first born virgin that pretty much every Frog relinquishes at the Total®️essence dispensers.  Thing Two: The Nerve on You, Chuck Todd, when even the cucarachas mariguanas en los comedores de 30 Rock know that for most of the latter-days of the 20th Century,  Dick Cheney and Texaco, and Exxon and of course, Dick Cheney made sure that Europe off-setted the pump prices along Highway U.S.A.. For decades, mi querido Chuck, multinationals, as Rep. Ocasio mentioned to your pretty monje looking mug, went ahead and invented then re-invented, and then re-constituted, and the re-metieron the fuel tax to the public. Thing Three… wait one:

If you don’t recall please ask Chris Matthews to show you the “evidence”. Mr. Matthews has access to the peacock video vault, and all that good stuff.

Hey, Cousin Joe, what’s up with the thootpaste; you know, The Poles are talking and it all points to JPSegundo, and not BoludoÖnë.

Viván Los Legionarios (cristeros) de Cristo, cristiana.


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