Dear, Marianne, this is the best part of the Intermingle— the best part — Part ii

8 de febregmentación© 2019.

4A856E8D-C6DA-465E-8003-9FE6604F40CF •_!_•  So, it goes like this, by the powers ‘invested’ on TRMStreams and, the plus sign; Cinco y Dos son Siete Siete y Tres son Diez | NOW, what follows is a simple move, Raquelito, you tell Cousin Joe to move that ‘cero a la izquierda’ y lo plantas on the right —y te aseguro que chingó a su madre el asunto… 100 per cent, baby. Güaranteed.

Las flores del No. 3:

Don’t cry for me, niño Luc:DF3604C6-FF63-4969-9F0D-0150FF1E7643… “get on your bike and ride!” }-~\,*> But seriously, does the 150 € “Siberian” night train « experience », with musical guest, “The Vaqueros de AMLOVich” include cocktails at the Shield and Sword of the Party lounge? Don’t go anywhere, our continuing coverage of  The “black face” rendition of “el bendito” Titre de Sejour continues after a word from our sponsors.

—The thing, Lenny

[said Christopher Hitchens]

—Nobody cares. Besos.

A Kiwi walks into a Pub:985D67BE-EF4B-4ED0-ACAF-7D69DF870F8C —•_!_•— Here Ewe go Donnie Deutsch, but the correct answer was: Capoeira. Anygüey, Mr. Deutsch, sitting on a corn flake at the other end of the bar is a river called  “The” Tiber, he asks “la fleuveie” del local, una tal “La” Seine what’s on her CabezerA? Tiber wants to know what the most illustrated river around the Globe is reading right now, and Macron tells the fascist: Judo and other assorted bad assery for your fascist ass. —Now if you excuse me, dice Macron, “Eye Have a game to attend”.

y ya sabén como es de madrugador el tal “hitch” desde que el desgraciado pena con su Vanity Fair, de aquí (a un lado del DEDO del CNIT), p’aya (hasta el Teatro del pueblo en Châtelet).

Cuenta, Stephen Fry mientras se traga unos tacos orientales del Estado de Cuernavaca.

Dear, Purple Pundit.

So now you do arrangements:38A0BD6E-5B5E-4CF8-A253-79995DA5779A — What’s next, Chuckles, a F******** quartet? Next thing you know, on this Train of Consequences, you are going to be smoking the “reefers” and go MAD, eye tel’Ya. MADD!!!

Please relay to Mika, and the ultimate BBC Kat, Katy Kay[y] that Öüï appreciate the solidarity shown in the past two days. In case you missed it, the morning duo went full “Jack Slater” (Last Action Hero) on the wardrobe worn for Yesterday’s and today’s edition of the MorJo Show. Just-in-Time for The Night of The Solidaires; something fucking Wilbur & Betsy at Trump Central would know nothing about.

Chuckles, you sir, are my Luc Fregón of the pundits realm… lullabies at The Lid, with Chuck Todd:4E148C0C-1F56-4999-ADFA-AE770F8141D5 }-~\,*> Everybody wants to be a Maistro, eh Doc; say are those anti go–to–sleep–with–the–fishes spectacles that you are wearing?

So, ladies, did the unmentionables matched the Morticia Gomez and Shaggy’s wife theme that you two had going? The boys that will never grow old want to know.

News Flash, revenge porn is now available at the 4 o’clock hour on MSNBC. Context follows.

La Flor de Bri-Wi:CA8A588D-768D-4CFF-896C-14B6B86688E6

Oh, hey Rachel Maddow… it’s a good thing you don’t read the reviews about Chuck Todd’s lullabies, BECAUSE, as you (and the world) now realize how the SAUDIES bought “National « product » ADVERTORIAL space” with the National Enquirer, [and don’t say we didn’t WarN you, FIRST, Brontis à la Prefecture] i, armando segovia can now confirm that this is the same modus operandi that a Murderous Oligarchy (El PRI) used here in France to promote the interests of the ATLACOMULCO GANG, (i, armando segovia, you fucking U.N.C.L.E. Tom francés, lost everything for exposing that Mexican political racket*) The GOOD NEWS, MARIANNE is that:

P R O  M é X I C O
M é xico

And thrown to the gutters.

Dear, Marianne, on today’s early morning of your Nuit de la Solidarite, i, armando segovia, would like to remind you of how greatful i am for the opportunity that the French Consulate in Santa Monica, California, extended to me when (after applying) they granted me “the” prestigious French “Skills and Talents” visa, because my “reward” for outlining to you, MARIANNE, what would be happening in Mexico during the 2012-2018 presidential term, your (anonymous) public servants first took my Legal Resident’s permit, then as a consequence of that action, i lost my French Tax-paying job, then you took my dignity by humilliating me in the (internal and institutional public square… Paris IS SUCH A FUCKING SMALL TOWN), so, in recap, i, armando segovia / armando serrano prieto, am in part living on your beautiful streets, eating the best “benevole” food from your foodlines, and enjoying the amenities offered by your Social Safety NET, because, i was the ONLY STUPID MEXICAN ASSHOLE TO NOT share with the préfecture, what i had gathered as “Legitimate Journalistic Interviews” from mexican citizens, living in France, and (this is important Brontis) with regards to the Arts, Corruption, and nepotism on the Institutions that were runned (from 2011-2016) out of the Mexican Embassy on Rue de Longchamps 75016.

But again, the good thing today on the Mexican international reach is that the PROMexico limbs have been severed, again, RACHEL MADDOW, no pun intended. And it’s a good thing, RACHEL MADDOW, since you made the trip to Toluca, once, and that makes you an expert on Mexican news now (if you want) because out of PROMéxico, in part (anyway) The current Middlewheight Champion of the World, SÁUL CANELO ÁLVAREZ secured a $300 million (USD) business deal. So Canelo is safe. And that’s a good thing. Congratulations, Champ. Don’t go investing all that mullah on the Sultans of Swing.

* dear Uncle Toms (all of you) in France. This asterisk is a reminder that you too, motherfuckers, have pretty little Ebony Princes’ who come to France, or the United Kingdom, or Ireland, to invest all the personal wealth that your African elected officials stole from your people, back in the “motherland”. So go fuck with them—UNCLE Tom francés, and not with me; you fucking French–people—ass-lickers_Ewe.

We [the staff switch it over to Bri-Wi).

It’s 4.40 am in Central NATO Times.


Chingue a su madre El Cinito Mexicano en París, Francia; y en Texas También. Yo soy Armando Segovia, desde El Forum en Châtelet.

… and one morething Uncle Tom, as soon as i enter The Baggagerie today, my first trip to the bathroom will be to masturbate. In case you need material for your Marcel Marceau impersonation. Think about that, you, U.N.C.L.E. Tom francés, in mimeface. Oh, the humanity, how Night turns into Day. Jour and Nuit, Alex; Jour et Nuit!.

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