San Miguel el Grande, hijo de Sinforosa

Mientras tanto, al otro lado del reloj las cosas marchan extrañamente de lo mas normal. La realidad es de que la voluntad visceral del «regenteo” popular impuso a la negación por encima del political doublespeak.


Por ejemplo, Raquelito, take Fenster, our copy editor, if Fenster wasn’t constantly commanded by the powers who take Tom Cruise’s and Nicole Kidman’s daughter at the end of Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut”, to head over to El Chuco and shoot films for the FOX and Friends / 24 viewing public in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, then maybe our fearless Russian cumbucket at the Oval Hangout wouldn’t have the güevos to LIE to the World about Arabs lounging on carpets at La Rumorosa’s mirador on their way to La Avenida RevolucióN, or near XICALI, así como más o menos tírandole a CALEXICO, por decir.

… and Aldous Huxley goes:

or woirst—What if your peluches come from Down Under‽:26645F3F-0739-4F7F-8A79-6AE818359906

Stupid Motherfucker,
Them cats ain’t Arabs, it’s just a bunch of hippies and dropouts that Rambled On from Kashmir… and Ladies in Gemini, Zepp Sq. Goes here!


here Ewe go, Cousin Joe. Monkee See  monkee ki.

ZIGGY… what’s wrong with D.A.T.?

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