The N° 8 a white black state… like pretty Kate has sex ornate

Hoy No Hubo Jazz — Come over here.


Page 49-51
Les abeilles
Synopsis: Did you know that it was the French (the fucken French!!!)
who went ahead and invented
MAYA and “her fucken” kind?

… so slide over here and give me a moment,
let’s mediate over it, heck; for a better RATE
you can even bring SUICIDE BLOND.
Le parolier Hutchence will show you the secrets
for a better Water Heater and the Tricks
for a much shorter El Camino.

Musical Guest:
Atomic Fate with the Devil Inside [Ah-ah_a].

The Making of an Hexagone:1706A63C-82C2-44BE-B701-1A4673DCF91D

and still to come:
Lucha Libre

Los fuelles de bellows con Michael Soufflet
Las Sirenas Vampiras de Messer Chupa-Chalupa-Chups

Página 51 (Ricard)

Les Lois de DesCartas
La Reflexion sur un MIROR!!!

Oh, The Humanity!!!!!!!!!!

These and more Lucha Libre Themes on the Eve of all that Jazz; it’s Fat Tuesday, and since you, Siren, made the request. This one always lubricates my i’s.

… and of course, Chuckes,
what would this most
intrascendente blog bee—
without the BriWi Zingers
to welcome all them “steam boats” rollin’
(with their Mississippi “M’s” missing
on Da Seine, of course),
and so, the following must be read
in a Brian Williams voice.

It’s 23.00 in Central NATO Times:

Never know how Nice it seems
just how much it really means
ehh I see the moon and the moon is pale
And It looks like DEY takin’ some cat to jail
Now it’s a moon; is pale, and the sun—and the the sun is gone,
and the steam wants to come in—and it splashin’ an’it goin’
uhh uhh
ehh bah–ba_dou

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