Day 33, 2019… Feliz cumpleaños, Beli.

Día de La Candelaria en el Calendario.

Armando notas

¡Qué Bonita Familia!!!:B5DA9315-CDEB-4C14-9DCC-D86A3D650B9A

Under tout Circunvalaciones.

So, 1991 won’t let me lie:

This wasn’t supposed to happen, Sugarcube, but when the band was hitting the waves on the European MTV, the guy wearing spectacles at the Department of The Army would latter become the Darkest Matter (and a beatless piece of shit) in the entire Galaxy, he called his sous–chef “Mr. President”. We [the staff] were just earning our first set of “mosquito Wings” for being all the best D.A.T. Öüï could bee.

Fast-forward to 2019 and the sounds and images from the Death of Glam Rock creeps to mind:

Here We Are Now, Acting Stupid. And contagious.

Wailed Cobain.

Hoy no hubo Jazz

¿Qué le dijo el pinche Tiber a los cuates en Mesopotamia?

Dear, Bill Maher… please STOP sharing the champiñones con La Soul Of America: El Río Bravo; ARRIBA Cd. Juárez:1922C387-AF99-4B64-B078-0349094DDB89

—Bill is the Best.

and Ann Hidalgo, goes:
—Bill’s alright.

—even if the Steak está chamuscado.

and The Soul of America dice:

Armando Serrano–Prieto just turned 9 years old and this is funny to him:816A8DF4-249C-4619-A7A6-B9FFA3E230E4 — Uso justo de Reddit.

Va’querer cat soup with that?

[foto de archivo]

and NO, Siren. Two is my limit for a Lazy no news Saturday à République. No insistas.

Red Light District Update:

BE5E2087-4476-4A5D-B72C-79DDA8F70B35 — A Totalitarian’s experiment on the masses-es–ese follows. 

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