Eye bet Ewe think the whole Preamble was about you

1 de febrero, 1982.

A kind reminder before you Jump into Conclussions:
we [the staff]
THE dice,
THE cut,
THE dish,
or… the motherfucking CARDS;
We just play the Hand.

As The World Beats:0B279B2E-516C-4F46-A9FA-C6F2FDA97696… In a different Context,  KEVIN HEART, let us [the Staff] tell you why WITHIN THIS motherfucking CONTEXT, this DOT to connect is not—WE REPEAT: It Is Not— about YOU –motherfucken— playin’ the role of a –motherfucking– Black Frog.  This is a time-delayed photo taken by Armando Serrano–Prieto on Feb. 2nd 2019. We believe that without us planning the layout in advance, this frame will begin to highlight [by the onion peeling process] the Importance of letting Omar Sy play the role of Omar Sy in Hollywood, and not just Bradley Cooper’s sous-chef. And no, Negrita, this frame is only about You, if you think that We Would Know in Advance that you would Shape-Shift into TRMS for this Hard’s Day Night review at l’Olympia… “Baby you’re holding Mi Tight.”

Late Night with David Letterman debuts.
33 years later, David decides to grow a beard.
Sources close to the Letter, man, confirm that David is not a big fan of fancy bigotes.


“Yeah, he’s more of a Grizzly Addams bear–type”, said Stephen T. Colbert, a Bill O’Rilley troll, and bear hater from South Carolina who took over the Ed Sullivan joint..

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