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51b6e3f6-04ce-4ff2-8e43-068544f9993c… Man, you make UPS look good! That is one nice Coat. • Hello, Pinkertons, say is that bass player winding his pocket Watch, or is he playing Snookers while Papa Stephen does the Colbert Report‽ Say no to Photoshop: Use Paint!  Y HOY NO HUBO JAZZ!

The Method Clan
The High Expedition
casi esquina con
Chantilly Lane


Chantilly Con Qué, Suzi?

y ya todos ustedes saben cómo son Los Sepultureros de “Choreros” y, cachondos y, por si fáltara menos:
Hasta Canallas — Los Condenados.

Alert!!! Live Mexican Beetles:407c1f04-d03d-4169-a699-c3a724087d09 Live Mexican Beetles in your Brioche… or something like that. Tonight at 10, SUZI Y LOS SEPULTUREROSS tell you about the latest French invention; COWBOY HAT BOY, Eye tell You, is there nothing that the Frogs can’t put into a hat and… flam — jam xCrash!


CHANTILLY LANE, Pinche Penny!!!


Tyrone’s Lace.

Ahhhhh, Tyrone’s Lace! —Got it.

Toc—toc_Who_s—DARE:778c937c-1e5d-4e6d-83c5-a14c1ba22a54… Jared Kushner.

It’s 22:33 and the Purple Pundit wants to know if AMLO IS GOING TO BE un “Alcahuete” of Donald Trump’s Cuck Old buddy.

According to The President of The United States of Méjico, the “corrupt, and hijacked National Oil Infrastructure “WAS*” hijacked by “BANDOLEROS“, not to be confused with bandidos, because they (the bandidos operate under a different set of ethics) Lópitos, a term of endearment used by former president Vicente Fox to refer to MR. Kushner’s, “mexican connection” to the White “doll house” in Washington, D.C., affirmed to La Jornada de PEDRO SALMERÓN SANGUINÉS, that PEMEX “Was” under the control of a “posse of corrupt rufians”, or something like that:

Es que Pemex y el gobierno en general estaban al servicio de gente sin escrúpulos morales. Estaban tomadas las instituciones, secuestradas por bandoleros, por una pandilla de rufianes, de corruptos.

Which BEGS THE MOTHERFUCKING QUESTION, Profesora SANDOVAL (para usted, para Morena–FRANCIA, y por supuesto, para su Gringo Viejo, John Mill Ackerman), ¿POR QUÉ JODIDOS no procede lo que dijo Su Hefe  para los MEDIOS, cómo una BENDITA denuncía, en contra de Carlitos Romero Deschamps?… doña Irma? Why? WHY Can’t It? What Da Fuck is up with that mild VILLAHermosa de Tabasco, profe? WHY Can’t this be AMOR A LA MEJICANA, Irma, WHY???

TIME STAMP at the Ed Sullivan Theater right now, it’s the playback pista of the Colbert Report. That recording will be Live, in about Five Hours—but don’t worry, Matthew, the show will be kept Fresh, and as a pretty as a pretty pink’s baby’s behind.

while Trump goes into his 23rd day
at the “Flat Oval” hangout,
America’s federal workers
are being introduced to a new diet:
It’s Called,
La Soup Line is Chic…
The First Lady already received a new line of:
Ask Me If Eye Give A Fuck
about your
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Kneads.
Ski Jackets.

An evening wifh a nude Mark Twain… naaaah. Keep your Tux on and your Squelch On!

Hoy no hubo Jazz, a razón de su escencia notoria; o algo así.

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