Breaking the News — Brassens for Harris

gSeriously, is there nothing that the French didn’t invent?

Singe universalle para abolir La Pena de Muerte: Gorillaz:75d43e7d-c1cc-4203-95ad-04537a1a3c58 }-—~~~,,,\*> PAGE FOLLOWS… Fucking, M.A.S.H., they fuck like wabbits.

Take the nickname “Nancy,” por ejemplo, which is what the Donald Shutdown Show is calling the Speaker of House: Nancy.


Nancy’s motto is:
Eye am not touched by (Russian) impunity.

Si fuma — Fume mota:3gded4ac0-7fd4-4a4d-b3c2-31ade6df70fd }—~~~,,,\*>  ISSY USTED, chupa, ¡pues Chupe FAROS!!!

If Nancy is pretty today, it’s because Nancy remained a renegade Frog when the Prussians “gentrified” the cantones of that Big Rancho in 1871. The city was swarmed by all kinds of dreamers.






Dear Siren… Eye See What EWE DID there:b457cefc-832b-4658-a9aa-545e89e5121f…


When the founding socio/psychopaths fathers of the Third Riech occupied Nancy, the old “fight fire with fire—fire HEAT” phrase proved to be a worthy literary device that outsmarted Hitler’s Taxi tanks. The U.S. Third Army delivered “La Plaza”. Heck, the history channel named that battle in honor of, Ewe guessed it, Donald: Nancy.

“What’s in Your Wallet, mr. president?.”

Here: Take Nancy, take her, please.

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