Día 20, 2018 — HOY NO HUBO JAZZ


Jerry leaves Kramer the keys to his apartment while Jerry goes to the Moovies.

Episode: Wait One…

Eugène’s—place•The missing Six:d45b38c8-b937-47a7-b648-28e55c7778dd


En fin, Hoy no hubo Jazz y el día comenzó más o menos así:



Danny Parker / Tom Van Allen

Kept talking all night but it was all Greek to Mi. Eye tell you what, though, ALEXANDER certainly wouldn’t have put up with all the yappin’, but hey, what does a Speed Freak with a passion for trumpet playing knows about all them Macedonian MonteAlban–es–ese; o mismo las Montenegro.

The Salt on The SEA:411bb2e1-01f0-4979-8c2c-2d34106f4d59

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