Chavela Le Sage; VIOLON at Saint–Sulpice… entre libre

Day 20.
The Trump remains the same

The Brige above Ipanema:f38c8ea6-5887-4138-a911-226bbe180bb6

16.40 in CeSiTi — 15.42 at the BBC

Still to come: Suzi Sepulveda y Los Sepultureros del Santo Sepulcro nos traen una entrevista en pedacitos, trazada de los trocitos de la trajectoria de Babe the Pig and some wITHoUTpAPERS named “Sonny C”.

Scofield’s NeverLand:dbcd7f4e-40d1-4815-999b-4d369ba16591

But first, don’t miss motherfucKING AL,
over at the Jazz era’s.

Were Al’s motherfuKING Watch appears to be laggin’ behind… it seems, that they should have gotten their Ticks, fleas and kicks on Route 66, instead of gossiping with the Buzzfeeds and MSNBcees’es–eses on Hitler’s gift to the Michelin tyre industry: The Super Highway, which was originall’y designed for Panzers, but Ewe knew that already, right!?

Black Moon Rising is jamming the output… please stand–by for FENSTER da’MotherFUNking copyEditor.


In the meantime, your Les ISMoRE Truck Stop and Biscuits brings you the Stones:

With your Host: RE Y Barretto.

Sin Embargo, amable no auditorio, Hoy No Hubo Jazz; con todo y las Eras de Al… ahhhhhh!


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