Anuncio: Hoy No Hubo Jazz at FM 1.05

Michael Cohen to testify before Congress on Feb. 7


… TOMORROW, however, Suzi Sepulturera Sepulveda y Los Sepultureros del Santo Sepulcro, will host James Caan and Babe the Pig.

Jilarity HILARITY ensues when Eleanor Rigby forgets her Vanias on the Way to The Forum, and attends the press conference without her “saddle”.

—Mr. Caan, Eleanor began to ask the original Goodfella.

—… you moved to Nazareth when you were 64, but without the camera probably 74, but don’t worry, we won’t tell any one at Rice Wedding News.

[James Caan, signals Luca Brasil to send the pesky reporter to sleep with the Fish’s.]

—… can you please tell us your reaction to the Bettsy DeVoss–es_esa—ese brother trying to

[True to form, nobody noticed when Eleanor Rigby was hooked by the Godfather’s fishy henchman… Father McKenzie could not be reached for comment.]

Infamous Private Paramilitary Firm Blackwater Planning Comeback. First Stop: Syria


Coming up at the top of the hour, it’s:




Ewe know, said the White Rabbit, Eye don’t think that “transnacionales”, in the context of the cartón de FISGÓN at La Jornada, means what Fisgon thinks that it means; but we get it. It’s funny because WE, ARMANDO SEGOVIA and ARMANDO SERRANO”-“PRIETO, can probably elaborate on that; right PROMÉXICO!?

Context for the “barra negra” of the frame, follows:321f018e-922f-4886-8f88-69ee86a1900b

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