Merry Mx–Más Blackhole Sun… le chien

Stange timeWarp

Hey, Negrita… CC’sGardenSounds, with Ari Melver:499407cf-af91-4a0a-ab02-ddcd839d5560 actual publish date was on Dec the 20 of 2018. —EyE know, right‽ Like a long time ago, right? Echo—Mí_BUNNY.


FM–105…de Octubre tenía que Ser:cdd37ef2-8999-43e0-85de-bbfb4633bc0d — Look it up Buzzfeed, look it up, and do an ENCUESTA on what King of Hail Mary ewe Sheeple are.

15.00 SALE Time in Paris.

Constaza’s modeling and impressionism

The Claw:a42bc738-213a-4f70-bb60-ecf42ce90f9d

Right now, Öüî [the staff] switch it over to the BuzzFeeds (NICE story, tell it to Reader’s Digest*) where Öüî are going to find out which character of Thrones de Sevres Eye’am, based on the hand that Öüî, [the staff], use to circle-jerk around with today }~—,•>  like that day that we met, Ewe fuckers, à La Unesco, when you were all up on Prince Ledo’s {del Estado de Cuernavaca} ass, you BrownNouzin’ fucks. . Again, BuzzFeed, NICE story, fuckers, but like this motherfucker at All Inn, said: Prove it to Mitch, Bitch.

LA PLACE DE LA république: HOW DOES IT FEEL, Buzzfeed—NYT—Libération—and Oui, Le Monde, you too! Motherfuckers.


Maaaaan-EYE-think-DAT–Watch_is_SLOW:c2a9d428-7378-417c-adac-4d1cb125205a &:porque FALTAN VEINTE PARA Las Cinco Rayas en SOL. And That, motherfucker is WHY EYE STARTED A MOTHERFUCKING WATCH COMPANY.

. Musical Guest:

.MAMBO miau—miau


. … de Invalidos hasta la Place de l’Italie: WHEN IN ROME! … Who’s Affraid of The Drunk? DEREK IS!!!

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