Good morning, Mitch… please relay the following to your UNPAID constituents

Mean, while Donald Trump goes into his 19th day of 2019 as the former leader of the Hollywood Blockbuster and, above all thing’s: The Tom Cruise Way of Life.

Fire–FIRE SABOT:4a9f3c82-9bb6-4d83-9a9a-e3d66844a4f3

KEEP ON ROCKING IN america… IT AIN’T ME (Stephen Colbert) Eye ain’t no FREE WORLD SENATOR’S son, or a Nantes–es–es—EsE ∴ MASON ∴ daughter.

05 hundred hours CENTRAL NATO TIMES.


on the

Li’l-Sis-Tweeter 101:e17f10d6-cf3f-4717-9e25-590afc7cbdd8

*… with a 3 sec. De’L_EY, BUT LADIES IN GEMINI, Öüî are comming LIVE from the EVIL of YOUR small TOWN.

DEEP PURPLE pundito is on Rushmore right NOW. And Rush Limbaugh (if that is that RUSSIANS AssEt’s CODE NAME) EWE are a CUNT in tootie frutti wrapping for Vladimir… EyE am looking at EwE, man with an ANN COULTURE cover.

Dear, SIRENS: Öüî will MOUNT your Fish ass in a momentito… Centaurs are right behind.

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