manaz0 & The Saint — The U.S. Marshalls call him Superman

Dear, Library Lady.


puras hadas,
según Berrouka.

Anygüey, Library Lady, you know it’s going to be an interesting turn of events when people around The Globe learn that the job of the president of the International Criminal Organization, (INTERPOL) involves nothing more than a mere ceremonial ACT.

Think about it, Mi’Library Lady!
Do you know the effect that this revelation is going to have on the Bond’s, the Dragnet’s, and on Le Inspector de La Pantera Rosa???

Oh, the humanity
the Mambo
and the muthafunkin


Entonces, señorita bibliothécaire, para no pérderle el ritmo al violonceYo, we [the staff] are going to sketch a frame about the latest funny irony that happened once inside the Forum, as the staff prepared the aforementioned Invoice for the consulting fees on that paint job for “Your Pretty Little Framed” doll houses at the White House (1600 Transylvania… ).

This is a motherfucking Work in Progress, Flaco; it’s a BLACK BIRD kind of SongSinTitulo:68b05463-28ba-4258-a132-5d7bfc656dd0—YET!!!

Large, the former Addams Family Butler adapts that situation and hands it right back to y’all on a thermic blanket… and don’t worry “flaco” it’s a clean sheet, unlike that yellow carpet that you say, “dirty people” walk on.

And stil to Come:

Super:694696bd-26dd-46f9-9772-3591145f1843 — Followed by an Awesome ’71, Babe.

22.40 CET — 16.42 EST… theres a Two minute delay, Frenchy.

It’s Casual Friday at the Purple Pundit’s Desk, if you are watching, go ahead and let you hair down… go ahead, let it down, 800.000 people are not getting paid, you think they give a fuck if you are having a hair day?

I’ve got a feeling Donald Trump doesn’t Either.
Unless Ann Coulter forgot her fucken Vania’s👌and Rush Limpvaugh (if that is how his name is spelled) ran out of Viagras©️™️®️

I’ve got a feeling—alright.

… and The Reverend goes:
You’ve got a feeling
and “I Have A Dream.”


FALLBACK Viernes follows.


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