January 16th, 2019 — “Do not lose Faith”, said Elita–1

9.20 Central Nato Times.

De arranque, please excuse the following dangling participles up ahead. Alert!!! Today’s devastating news that Colombia might not get to be the Latin American designated hitter for the OTAN, for very much longer following revelations that NATO was Donald Trump’s very–very very–good christmas gift to his Russian Federation handler, Vladimir Putín, who welcomed those news, in Venezuela.

03.40 EST

McMaddy May and a lorry.

Over at Brit–box, the Cliffs of Dover just went over a very dangerous drop. And in Turkey, en Turquía no pasa nada porqué todo el agasajo visceral de tripas y cesina acontece en Siria.

Hoy no hubo Jazz_4794b935-d10d-4657-99e1-00d99e240f72

“First we take NATO and then we RECOVER A•LA•S•KA,”, said Vadimir Putin to Donald Trump during a closed meeting, according to the notes that Trump could not confiscate from his interpreter, because as SURE as Sarah Palin can ALREADY SEE Russians in her backyard, Trump’s interpreter wrote the following code  (verbatim) on her OWN right hand:

1st NATO den AlahSKA.

Faith, you said?

… and Dinarama goes:
—Hey, y’all. We [the staff] continue to experience the reverberating effects of Yesterday’s Taggie Matcher revelations that Donald Trump is a confirmed Traitor that will be making of Vlad, a future NEIGHBOR to Ca•Na•Da, COLOMBIA, y escucha lo que no lees, PEDRO NAVAJA, hasta tu aquilatado Canal de PaNaMæ_gee–MAY.
Oh, the humanity.

In the meantime feel free to enjoy Zimmermann’s Soldiers or, if Ewe, Ladies in Gemeni feel like Birds on a Wire at chez ” Rosemary’ Baby cuna”, where « Blessed is the memory,” and “All the World is Green » por allá maO’menos por, “Arriba quemando el Sol », según Violeta Parra.¹ You are not Silly. There really are Birds on a wire, —everywhere.

YOU DON’t Know me.
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1. Birds on a Wire, “Rosemary Standley & Dom La Nena”:

You dont OWN mi_fa_SOL_LA_ISSY_a3d4a04b-00cb-413f-9d7c-b137086ae7fd

It’s 3 pm, right now, es: Invierno en París.

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