Bee 4 Ewe flush… would you like some bacon on those tuberculos

It’s High NOONAN

Amable auditorio. Hoy no hubo Jazz, instead Meat Les Beat. 

with Manazo
Jim Morrison


… it’s 14 hundred NATO TIME — ALERT!!!

NICE teal Theme you got going in London, Mika. Hey, check it out, Gremlins keep fucking up our wide receiver, but don’t worry “Daphnes” BECAUSE, as SURE as the Northern–facing TimePiece that serves as splitting WatchTower for the Beffroi de la Mairie du 1er (is made by GLACE), —J’Accuse— que Sainte–Germain Auxerrois is hosting Polanski for the next Flick, right next to ‘La Virgen de Guadalupe’ de los peruchos, J’Accuse… coming to streaming platforms this Mx-Más 2019… this little piggie is rolling in my 64’ with none other than JULES motherfucking WINNFIELD, y’all.

Zola? Zat you, motherfucker‽… Silencio. ¡Luces!

Oh, and Black Spy, President François Hollande said (that) it was all right to call Kevin Heart: My little Omar Sy in París. ISSY.

Rose Mary’s baby… $$ When Eye found myself in Times of Trouble, Mother Mary from the Klan said to me: fuck’em, Donald.Fuck’em all she said… she also told me that Eye was born on third base from the Sun, and that Eye, and Eye Alone (bitches) STOLE Homeplate.$$

“Hey, Ewe. Get outta my Cloud”.

Enero 15, es martes, y el Año del Perro (color tierra) da paso al Año del Mc« Bacon” Salade Tomate Oignions. In Caesar’s Time it’s 2019 after the Superstar was called to « la Representation de La Poisson…” perdón, perdón, we [the staff] will show ourselves to The Hail Mary detention room, we meant to write: “In Little Caesar’s®️ Time », since Chuy celebrated El Día de La Candelaría, —en Belén. Happy Birthday Nana.

¡Camerahhhh!… and don’t forget the rope.

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