Whistle while you Work — Let’s play Hardball

Stop it Grumpy!
Be a team player.
Make America grate Again.

x’cuse Me Siren, my baby is callin’

Ehhhhh, what’s ah happenin’ DOC?
The 6 whistlin’ motherfunkin’ Adjectives failin’ you? Don’t stress. “Like a good neighbour », this Gerundio is there—say when.

“because NOW is [the Sign Of] The Time(s)”
20 past the hour

…and then Black Spy Went:
—Who you callin’ an adjective, Willis?

And Bugs Bruce replies:
—Go home sleepy, you’re Nance.

A what? Said Black Spy.

And Bugsy “Hudson” Tulip goes:
—A N(ewe)ance, Black Spy.
—EWE, sir are a N(ewe)ance on Charlotte’s motherfunkin’ TOILE.
—Now go home to your Sleep Mattress Pillow of Liberty.

—“Yippi Kai—Yay, Motherfucker!”

Transcrip follows:

No se confunda, Willie no es el pájaro nalgón. Willie es lo que en mecánica cuántica se conoce como el electrón que puede estar y échar pa atrás y jalar pa’adelante al mismo tiempo en un espacio.

En Nueva Yo’l ot’s the top of the 11th hour.

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