“Please, put your hand’s and legs together*” Esto es una digresión.

“¡Mátalos en Caliente!”
y al regresar…
Con Ricardo Rocha.

“Mátalos En Caliente” — Faith no more, but check out them Spectacles on that güerinche Yndian de Hermosillo, before you do.

But first: Eye Started a Joke, which was the “Bee” side for “Digging a grave”, —motherfucker. Probably because “this town ain’t big enough for both of US,” or some COVER like that from PATTON and the Third Army Tankers.

VIVA PATTONy al regresar: VIVA ZAPATA, con Charlatán Heston y Michael Moore.

Can’t say that the Pancho Villa chasing aide to General Pershing (o sea, George S. Patton) didn’t warn YOU about STALIN, “IKE”… if that is your real Military Industrial Complex code word.

Patton gave you EUROPE and you sent him to Benjamin Franklin’s Village to die… en una “glorieta” no less. Montgomery was a hack, Leclerc was O.K., EYE guess, at least he (Leclerc) was manning his radio at the front, and not behind some British fuckn’ desk, like Assange is doing right now in Equador, —sal de la cueva, Julian, no seas un Carlitos de Gaulle.

T.S.: 02 hundred hours CET

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