No hay marcha en Nueva Yo’l — Centauros en Odeon

The Show —motherfuckers— must Go On.

El monstro de Troyes: Episode 9.  In our section, “Did you know that The French Invented”, we learn that the French re-invented KEVIN HEART, just like they did with Robin Williams, and “The Ant” on a supper for sucka’s, or something like that.

Please stand for the National Anthem, performed by « The Boss”.

El Che, pillín. El Jefe de la banda. •—_¡_—• We [the staff] remind our non–reading audience Que Hoy, motherfuckers, No Hubo Jazz.

This is: The Jon Stewart, as a French Postman, Circus

Fool 2 Cry.

Son las Tres de la Tarde en Central Ópera Times.

Paris_ (Weekend–edition). At 15 hundred hours, in local Pítufos Time, the streets of le ol’ Villa Lumiérè are strangely uneventful, except for black and yellow « pollitos” Kung–Fu fighting in the Streets. Ike Turner is the acting Gallo Golón of the little black pollos (100,000 strong) while Mick Jagger (thinks that), he’s got control of all the small time chicks que marchan y se dispersan como little “Chicken Hawks” with an Apache Toy Set en las diferentes manchas urbanas de le hexagoné… a Hexagoné that the Ros’bifs insist is in the shape of the Head of a Scotish Terrier, while los payos de Mécano insist that the motherfucking shape of the motherfucking  Map de La France is a motherfucking “La Vache”, y esa, señoras, señores y Señoritas with lips that grip ( Wait For It, Wait), dice Pedro Alamo en Dover, is the shape that estratosféricamente La Chompeta que La Farce is in, right now.

And Sammy the Red Rooster goes: Hello Baby, got any Pound Cake?

Did you know that it was the Very French, who went ahead and invented the WATERMELON SURIMI… do Ewe Understand? Maaaaaan! •—_!_—•  From CNBCTurkey will go ahead with its planned offensive against Kurdish militias in northeastern Syria whether or not the U.S. withdraws its troops from the country, its foreign minister said Thursday.

And the Boulanger goes: not today, today GAZ went BOOM!

In other News, Centauros were spotted on The Vicinity of motherfucking Grand Boulevard-es-es-eses.

HOY NO HUBO JAZZ, NI NOTICIAS, NI MUCHO MENOS MARCHAS EN la avenida de Nueva Yo’l, en Paris, Francia.

’33 past the hour at Disneyland in Cheesy Chesse France.

Musical Guest:
Cradle Blues from Mali, y’all,
for all The Colbert Reporters
in EWE all.

Blues from Las Fuentes del otro Delta músical.

morning to you too Siren,
Oüî needed the REST.
Today is the first dozen of days that Donald Trump continues to lead the United States of America into a tunnel where the light at the other end is non other than the Dire Straits’ Laser Light extravaganza entertaining Vladimir Putin and Ivanka Trump on the Executive coach of the Trans Siberian Orchestra Express.

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