New Yorica follows, in Tagalog — AQUÍ FALTA UNO

But first: The Notorious J.B. B.I.G.
Un gran galletón,
« UntÃle MANTECA al gallętōn.”

Right about NOW… the module control at “the” Rockefeller center and recreation facilities for the professionally burned–out are looking Virtually NICE, dice Mike Myres at Studio 54, and SERENDIPITY says: g’ahead, motherfucker, SPANK that Conga, shake your body BABY do the Doctor beat.


ang mga Babae sa Gemini
Las Venas de América
ahora también

Narito ang isang nawawala, o como dice mi Bing Crosoft: PACO TAIBO, jr… Aquí FALTA uno, Cabrón galletón.

Musical Guest:
MARY j. Bee, singing
“What’s the 411?”

Woman. They done have got you on tape.

Hillarity ensues when Colin Jost, Chris Matthews, and my nigga’Che walk into la consola room, —with the Wu Tang Clan— and John Heilemann spitballs his subconscious when he looks over to Mika and says: Lets shoot “a movie”.

And Mika goes:
—I’ll be Daphne!

And the Purple Pundit goes:
—Kurwa!!! Step back, bitch! I’ve got the CopyWright on Purple©️

And Michael Steele goes:

Find out where Michael Steele
[if that is his real name]
on our next episode of:
“When Oüî Begin, the Bēgīñ”


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