Free Ketchup! — Get your Ketchup!!!

Live from the Oval Hangout

Oh, boy!

Donald Trump wants Brian Williams job, according to Deadline Washington.

Extra–Extra. Donald Trump talks about a humanitarian crisis but forgets to include that He, and He Alone created that humanitarian tragedy.

This Message is brought to EWE by OxyContin. OxiContin, The Monk Fish of Heroin. OxiCONtin is created by CABLE[s] between BIG pharma and the U.S. Government.

Also… there’s a new Sheriff at the American Mall, and she’s got everything that Beto’s Karisma fucken LACKS.

It’s 04.07 in Central Nato Times… “Tigers are great, they’re the toast of the Town,” according to The Failing New York Times International Edition for Tuesday, January the 8th.

Right now is Day 9 of 2019, and Donald Trump still holds the keys to the Oval Office.


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