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The 45th President of The United States of America invites Ewe and your precious for a Steak Outing at the now Infamous, Oval Hangout.

Just doodlin.

The president asks that you bring the Pepper Mill apparatus, he SAYS that HE WILL provide the Ketchup.

[…can you believe that the Frogs pay Fit–thee EUROS fo’ this shit‽ Wait for it.]

Press Goon, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, announced that the ketchup will be available at Volonté, which means that Ewe and your exceptional family can squirt the shit out of all the ketchup you want on the White Dollhouse Lawn… ‘cus you know, ants need their daily Veg•Etable intake.

22.55 EST — 16.52 CET
The Purple Pundit is doing a laugh–a-thon.

J’aime regarder les filles cianóticas. This message is approved by the Shade of CYAN. }-—-~~~\*> And just in case that spinner is in fact, potent, here’s the shield: Botellita de Jerez, todo lo que digas será al contado.

Steve Schmidtt’s smile is gone, and do you know what Sarah Silverman had to go through to get this flag loving American to smile? Neither do Oüî.

And, John Heilemann is impotent for Mexican Pesos on a Garage Band, or something like that.

Zat Ewe Frank Underwood?

In local news:
Paris “le gouvernement” est Paralysé…
according to some “Ruth”
at BFM’er central.

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