Dear, Whoopie Goldberg:

Bitch! ‘tas bien Loca, pinchi culera.

And furthermore, the Ministry of Cultural Affairs of LALA_guna at Rancho Cucamonga, hereby informs you, that you may no longer continue to use the « artistic » mëtaphöré for “getting it on”, on account that an old crusty and, well established cunt like you, can’t go around restricting the flow of WORD–ACTION—and_proposed— SOLUTION for the fiscal problems of the United States of America, as that Kid from The Bronx/Queens side of the Metro line recently did.

[Which triggers Chris Tucker to say]:
Elaine‽… Maaaaan, that bitch ain’t been Black since Lionel Richie stopped being a Commodore and became a Love Boat frequency.

MEAT THE BEETel’s — Abbey’s Blind Crossing for the hearing impaired

And Jackie Chan says:
Go home Chris Tucker, you are acting like a True Drunken Monkee.

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