16.20 por Avión… right now it’s 3.20 in Central NATO Time

Please get ready To Rumble.
It is TIME for
the one and only
The Consumate Showman
Impeachement Trials.

My–My… are those flowers for my Honey Bee? Or are You Just Happy to see me? -_!_- Technical Difficulties prevented us from adding the part of the frame that tells y’all how the other side of the Clock looks like; it’s fucking up-side down. You know, like the Outhouses-es-eses where the Shrimp is In the Bar-Bee, or something like that… according to Cheech Marin, Paul.

Yes, Ladies in Gemeni
Ewe [shepple] heard RIGHT
TRIAL in the Plural.
There’s a Merriam Webster’s
Petit Robert de La Langue Française
examples in One Page (alone)
[Zeppelin goes here]
to put together a new motherfucking
Donald Trump’s
Criminal life.

Liar-Liar… it’s just a SuperTramp
Stick to the Facts and nothing but the
MF’n EP facts, Old Gringo…
You Bloody [Well-right] super tramp marrying Gringo
You Bloddy [Well-off] super model marrying Gringo.

and Starring as himself Narm and Bathos all rolled up into the Trump Administration.

Liar-Liar… it’s just a SuperTramp
Coming to theaters in ROMA

TimeStamp: Veinte para la hora del Jazz.

Ladies in Gemeni, we [the staff] apologize for the untimely Gremlins that keep getting in the staff’s business, must be The WB frog.

For the record, the WB frog is currently being voiced by a young Mexican draft-dodging Mormon, de Chihuahua, his agent sent us a File screen–grab to clear any misunderstandings: The Lost frog has gone back tu Utah.

Ladies in Gemeni: Mitt Romney

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