No Mr. Preston, i don’t expect you to Play…

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Las putas de la Mano Negra
Chapter three;
El pullman de El General Arroyo.

Veinte para la primera hora de las manecillas del Reloj (después del Medio Día) en CENTRAL NATO TImes.

On today’s troop leading proceadures with The Council on foreign Avocados…

Britain held by the Bollocks
France squeezed by the couilles
Germany hanged its Balenciaga säcke

And Russia, Ewe ask, well Mr. Haass, Eye don’t expect EwE to ask, but… you are on the correct set of scenarios, why play defense with Trump’s handler instead of taking the motherfucking Circus to his Web’s?

Go ahead, Billy, key this Thick-headed Chef of Strategy to the tune of “if Ewe Want It Here it Is, but Ewe better hurry,” because La Arepa para tu Omelette is about to be handled por un putin that’s about to bust Ukraine’s balls again. Right now, los “Huevecillos de Pajaritos” in Venezuela are about to become a Russia delicassi… or some mess–hall like that.

“Did Eye here [Mika’s brother] say,
that there must be a Catch”…

Well, Cousin Joe, your pinche cuñado is in Luck, because the following must be read in a “Little Steven’s Soprano Underground Garage” slang:

But before we begin, a word from our Sponsors.

Hey, Billy! Wadda’ya bustin’ my balls for, Ewe, of all “spooks” should know that no XM’er is ever gonna read this most inconsequential Blog! Now, “Get Back”, Billy, get back and get your shoe-shine box from that nutsack that Ewe call a tune-box.

Veinte para las Dos, Billy, That’s Twenty to Two, not 22–2, that Catch is in a different chapter. Eye know That, Billy, because as a PRODUCTO transnacional de la S.E.P. (and el P.S.U.M.) Eye did sleep-over at a few American University dorms, both CONUS and OCONUS, so yeah, American foreign —and domestic— student–pussy is the Best.

Man, Eye sure is hungry… Yo’Frenchy? Where—the “Güevos Rancheros” at?

Gran Lucha de Navidad y Fin de Ano… Gran Lucha de Navidad y Fin de Año en El Culiseo de ROMA… en El COLISEO de ROMA. —_!_— Lucha estelar en relevos australianos sin limite DE tiempo en una riña donde los “Morricones” apuestán el Spumante y las Fedoras, mientras que “Los Mitt Michigans” ponen en juego sus pinches Ancas de Rana desde los aquiles del Talón y hasta llegar a su verde rajada.
¡SEÑORA!!! Traiga a su abuelita y a su suegra para que se agarren a mentadas de madre en las gradas en contra los “luchadores”. This match-box is Sponsored in Part by Jabón Roma©️ y por Pinol®️.
PERO: Quiere MáS????
Ewe Got It, Flat-top.
“Every other National Security and Justice Reporter” will hold the Round Numbers (fuck fractions) in between intervals.


Just another Alabama Song, but this time Eye’ll sing, to It.

Over on A Little bit Country and a little Bit Rock and Roll, the lovely Chris Jansing reprises the role of Kitty Wells, mean, while Trump’s National Security Advisor was scolded for being a a fucking traitor who sold his Country to Turkey and the Russians, Tammy Wynette and the Original blind-as-a-bat Alabama Boy reprise the role of a bad Rock and Roll singer.

Dear, Mika, please go easy on that buck star cup.

Let’s do Some Jazz with Bobby Gentry’s DELTA SWEETE Revisited.

18.40 in Central NATO times.

Preach, Rev. Mercury, Ah•le•Lu—Ya.

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