Goodness Gracious, Merriam–Webster’s

Page 670; Eleventh Edition:
Japanese Spurge • JC A HO

Jazz, wait for it, wait…

Dear Jasmin, look again. Nothing is missing, nothing at all, not even Jason… that Rouge fucker is there in the very same page. It goes like so and such:

Jas abbr James
jas•mine ’jaz–mėn any of numerous of climbing shrubs… of the olive [Œil] family that usually have very fragrant flores… esp. Yellow Jessamine;
Jason ‘jā-s ën some spy assigned to the Mediterranean Theater of Operations, he’s notorious for his succesful quest to deliver to the Russian the Golden Fleece at Trump Tower in New York City. A shifty character, but nothing that Peter Sellers couldn’t handle, even with three bourners cooking at once.

Symm•e•Try (it) “It’s Easy”, mira: La función Pública en Méjico and her husband would probably JOHN Hancock this entry as “Joker News”. — But, hey Colin Jost, Ewe know what’s no Joke, Gift–or–Not (motherfuking Michael Che?), do ya—Punk?… d’you two fuckers know what it is not a Joke? Take a closer look, g’ahead, Colin, if that’s your real name! Catch it yet, Harvard boy? Yeah—it’s funny how “every single Boxing movie girlfriend, in every Single Boxing Movie” looks Just like EVERY SINGLE NATIONAL SECURITY AND JUSTICE REPORTER with the ONGOING CRISIS ON THE U.S. — MÉJICO BORDER on the “msnbc’s”, man. That there, motherfucker, is not funny. And definitely not symmetric at all.

… anygüey, Jasmin, “jaun•dice” for, « Amarillo no me pongo, amarillo es mi color » is right THERE and just Below JAUNCE … the origin of that word is « unknown » but MW’s dictionary blames the FRENCH for coming up with JAUNCE.

Jay•walk, or JayWalker (pajari’Yo Verde) is the free•style that WELCOMES Su Majestad: Jazz.

Jazz•man, Jazz•Rock, and our favorite « Jazzy » gets off the JBar Lift because that dude can’t Ski, much less get off a lift, which is why his J C A HO or Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations had no worries if her beau broke his fucking leg. She had pull with the doctors inside the Boys Room.

Now, get ready to switch this same word, Jasmin, over to page 476 inside the 2005 Edition of the GRAND DICTIONNAIRE, o como dicen las Jazmines en CASTELLANO: gran diccionario Larousse.

Saca la Jarana, —pariente— porque nos vamos hasta Xérès, which on the next page (477) of that Tome resulta una (gran) JODA para sacar la jerga de los de Jerez.

El ukelele no es otra cosa que una Jarana sin huapanguero, Güero… puro talento—puro Hartista y si no leen este intrascendente blog, sabrás que la Hache, pariente, ‘pos la « achis, achis, achis » esas son de a grapa y son mudas.

SyméTRIe here. Nahhhh, para nada Yasmin Vassouhian.

But check this next Spectacle coming up on the next page. Now that, Yasmin, is some Sympa Symbolisme in the form of a Consumate Showman.

AR 670–1–3… it’s an Army thing, Ewe wouldn’t understand the Symmetry in that spin. Six Seventy dash ONE. Ewe is out o’Uniform, « Commander–in–Chef » You, Sir, are one naked son-of-a-Bitch.

POST send: If, and only if you look close enough, you’ll discover that on page 671 on the MW’s dic.,:

— je ne sais quoi, zhë-,-‘kwä; … lit. Eye know not what: SOMETHING THAT CANNOT BE ADEQUATELY DESCRIBED OR EXPRESSED.

is right below the heading:

JCB • Jerusalem ARTIChoke

JCB as all scholars at the Underground Garage know, stands for JURIS CANONICI BeatleAureus

Jeop•AR•dy is right below zhë–pä,’Lâ–Vêrghå.

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