Right now, around The Globe it’s Twenty Minutes after The Hour

At Paname it’s Eight o’Clock around all of King Tut’s treasures spread around The City of Light.

Yup, the following must be read in a Bri-Wi zinger voice…
If Ewe’s went ahead and decoded the leaf on the guide-on as being the Coat of Arms of our esteemed field reporter, Maple Higginmuffin Ewe’d be correct. On the lower right is a newcomer to the nEwes business, and if you guessed that it was ‘nEwes McFlash, you’d be in the green zone again—you’d be “good–2–go”, ‘nEwes McFlash for the uninitiated, was Ronald McDonald’s Great–great–great distant uncle. McFlash’s trademark dabbled in the “minstrel” movement. In this frame, McFlash can be seem trying to get under the skirts of the “Les Suffragettes”, which were an historical parallel to Les Miserables, or something like that.  }–—–~~~\,,,*>  When reached for comment, Ronald McDonald, said, “hey, if you’re asking about the ‘black mic muffler’, it was ‘hip’ among his kin,” adding: If it’s about the reporting under ‘the skirts of Les Suffragettes’, that sort of thing remains Hip at Fip.”

At Soprano Central in The Underground Garage, it’s the Story of The Blues with Slowhand hitching a Ride at The Crossroads. It was right around this time that Guillermo del Toro was “Method Acting” the Teddy Roosevelt part; literally Killing it, a Young Bobby deNiro would go on to say: Damn’ Those Mexicans can sure crossover onto any role. “Memo looks the part of the Teddy”.

Coming up after The Sinners, it’s time for the StrangeLovers, or something like that; Them fellers are from Down Under, so it’s understandable if Ewe runaway… Rumor has it at The Underground Garage that those fuckers were sheep hearders… fucking


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