Right now at the Underground Garage it’s: LIES

La puerta esta, está abierta… the Knickerbockers
Canal 21
Frequencía: N/A

Pg. 3
Lies de a mentiritas…
In town to celebrate The French invention of « Japonismo » Yoko Ono rolled into Paname on John’s old Phantom.

I’m Looking through you, Palmyra
TimeStamp: 17 hundred hours in Central Europe Time
and in Ney York it is International HAT Day,
including the PANAMA…
or something like that.

POW… Revolver set the trajectory for Sirius, ISSY, Corazón, la puerta está abierta.

Anygüey, y’all
it’s an international purple weekend
Prince follows,
but with Prince being Prince
The Artist is going to break the Norm*
and wear a Raspberry Beret.

The magic which with he axed While My Guitar at the concert for Saint–George, the artist could wear a Harp over his Aura for all we [the staff] care

“The way things are going… “
Arianna’s green copy–pasta Outfit will signal The New York Times when they engage in “Yellowing” the story. Context “For Attention purposes Follows”, on Chapter Fo’ of The Soul of Jon Meacham, —of course.


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