Oh, hey Pretty things, Roadrunner Central checkin’ in

Merry mX-Más!!!

Memories from El Monte… TimeStamp: 20 para las Once Trece horas, en La Avenida de Las Américas, en Nueva Yol.

TimeStamp: It’s twentyish after the Hour around The Globe and the staff [we reckon] is about a mile from nowhere à le versant du l’El Vez–es–es vereda… tropical.

Right now., twenty after the hour
we [the staff] noticed that
La Puerta de Soprano Central
sigue abierta.

Undercover of the Night at 10 am in elLay… Curl up baby, à Paris es noche de Laureles para los que Montan y aquí son las 19 con, Ewe guessed it: Veinte Minutos. —_!_– Right now, the Yellow Jackets are cuting the Power of this damn device… ISSY, the Gas wars in France are looking for  Someone to “Structure” their clans, this according to the BFM’ers casí esquina con los Moulinaux… Mean, while Trump is in Power, en San Diego no pasa nada.

We didn’t knock, just took a peak.
Palmyra reminded us that we [the staff]
Indeed could join her band.
So in recap: She said yes.

So with that big Elephant chewing bubble gum On an Uptown Train, we switch it over to Willie Gueist. Mika and Joe have the morning off.

Joe and Mika are still celebrating the Silver Orgy at the Hard Rock Café in Punta Cana. The bacchanal is a put on by the Winged Beatle and Ringo Starr, who as surviving original members of the Fab Fo’ (at least one of em’) are bound by the Robert Johnson clause to officiate the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the release of Helter Skelter. And so, the new owners of Apple Records asked Bass and Drum to march on over to La hermana República Dominicana to act like Romans in France… o como dice Palmyra: SWING, BABY SWING. Swing Until The “TAXMAN” comes to Le Chateau!!!

TimeStamp: 14 hundred hours à Mary Magdalene… on Da’ Good (Brown) Foot in Central Europe Time, and with an Avenida de Las AMERICAS state of Mind, on da’ EST.

Wicked Trivia:
Did Ewe know that it was the very French who went ahead and invented Helter Skelter?
Don’t believe us?
Ask any Roman in France.

The Good Thing about this
most inconsequential blog is that
des Barres won’t read it.

Right now, at 15 hundred hours al costado de un Samaritano en Pont Neuf there’s a “little person” standing tall… he ain’t got no Matches, but he sho’ gotta long–güey to go.


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