… and starring Michelin Salewa in the role of the invisible part

It’s fo’Ten in CET… God damn right, falta un dymé para las Cuatro con Veinte.

Stick around, Michelin Salewa visits the Manga Shop in Paris.

Right now,
JoJo is being Clown–handled by a police Woman gone motherfucking Postal!!! Oh, The Humanity.

Notas? No Señor, hoy no hubo notas.

Goddamn’Right, it’s a Beautiful Day!…

Goddamn’ Eels roadie, Ewe just can’t find any good Band Aids now’a–daze, especially with all these police women who wear short–Shorts.

Turned Night.
faltan Diez para el primer Tercio de las 20 horas en Central Siren Time.


Tintorería La Mujer Maravilla
TimeSlot: The 11th Hour.
Production Outfit: Vélorution, or some Critical Mass like that…
Location: Rue déchargeurs casi esquina con la tintorería, —La lavadora de dos patas.

A funny thing happened on the way out of The Forum.

¡Señora! Que no le digan, que no le cuenten:

Que en la Isla de los rosbif las ambulancias no se dan abasto con los reportes de abuso laboral en las Naves Industriales de los amazonas de Mr. Bezos.

No haga caso,Señora. If Amazon really, really, really had a big, big, big Carbon Footprint, do EWE really, really, really believe that the frogs would let Mr. Bezos-es-es’ Donnie Deutsch-es–es’ loose in or around the periphery of La Cremerie and la rue de Ravioli? FUCK no, Señora, the frogs are like–ALL In and Gung–ho about climate change. The frogs wouldn’t pander to a man who likes to dangle his company dong on Cities across the world, just to see which will get the privilege to host his next Moooove or, his next gig… or as the very French say, in Veracruz: por dónde está el boucle del Amazon, en Saint–Eustache… para ir a pedir Posada?


Amazados… Zen y El Capitalismo.

¿Quiere más?
Wait—ONE… wouldn’t you now it. We [the staff] just RAN outta—gas…
y en Francia hay fuera–de–la ley,
ley seca pues… ‘pa que le diga al cuñado.

El staff.

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