Coming up on C–SPAN 3: Mercantilism

When Capitalism reaches that Zen spot.

One’mo—de nuez, güero.

Wha r
ir IS, is 9.20 a.m. in CET

Lo bueno d’este blog es de que los huichacoleros en Puebla no lo leen, porque en una d’esas Mariana, Total®️ deciden venirse a ordeñar limousinas au Mans.

Mark your calendar.

… coming up in the programming:
Don’t try to adjust your settings…
because in the City of Lights
it’s time to inter–Autobot Frequency Hop…
keep your Squelch on, y’all.

TimeStamp: The 11th Hour in CET… that’s Champs Élysées Track for the non SINCGARD user.

Oh, boy.
It’s One o’Clock in Central Europe Time.

What’s going on?
Do you often times find yourself at a loss for words?
Don’t sweat it, Señora, no-HAY-pedido, no hay Pe_DI_do.
All you gotta do is Holler.
Así es, Señora, “when ever those blue tears start falling… Holler.”

Fight fire with fire… the continuing story of Bumblebee.

À París it’s 19.20, and Ewe guessed it:
We [the staff] are scavnging for juice, andamos pepenando una fuente, pues, y como dicen los « Matchbox racers au Mans» where’s the Essence at?

In any Universe, the sheep will believe that The Creator has a Master’s Plan… and Ewe bee right.

Touche pas à mon potesse Vagina … mon potesse Regina!!! We [the staff] meant nuestra amigota Regina, not vagina. Anygüey Don’t touch a mi compa Regina. Aunque, morro, por si las moscas también sería buena idea no meterse por esos terrenos if there’s no opening en El Horizonte rayado.

No controles mis vinyles… Flans.

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