Hello Moto. How do Ewe say P.G.R. en japones?… part ii

Still to come at the Bottom of the 19-inning hour:
It’s the Japanese Baseball League
… y La Serie del Caribe, con Carlos Loret de Mola.
Guest starring: Florence Cassez.

… context follows. Right now The Crawlin’ Jimbo is eating apples with The Rockin’ Devils… o algo así; anygüey, ZIG-ZAG®️ y POPOTITOS follow.

Faltan Veinte para las Siete de la tarde/noche
à Beaubourg.

Ever wondered what happens to the « Stories That Fall Through The Crack (heads) », and make their way to a Black Hole, Lewis?

Ewe get Spectacles, Lewis, or frames if YOU ARE into Hard Lines and RULERS, Lewis. That’s what Ewe get.

Faltan diez para la media noche en París.

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