In New York it’s after midnight.

Part iii of El Jaguar y La Perra Maravilla vS. The NisMo💴 Clan inOne Hot Minute”, right now in Central Siren Time son las 6 con Veinte.

Festina Lente, Mr. Roboto… that’s code for hurry up and wait.

Client: Damage Control Contacts
Event: Sentient Monster Truck Extravaganza
Location: « The Barnhouse* »
Notas…: * is code for The Coliseum at the Spanish Crown’s version of La Via Domitia, mejor conocida con la nomenclatura « Paso Del Norte» casi esquina con El Camino [De Anza] Real; diagonal con San Luis Obispo.


Note to unedited editors:

— The musical background is a baroque remix of Let It Be and Tokio Kiss in the key of Beastie Boys’ phlat.
—The first shot is from the viewfinder perspective of a drone as it drops down on an unsuspecting crowd of dummies waiting for the Bread and Circus segment of the show. As the drone drops, Command and Control captures the mood of la muchedumbre with what the pay–per–frame viewer inside the hibernation pods can only percive as a Right-to–Left slow motion pan, en Tiempo Real, esa maniobra de mamada se ejecutó en un Abrir y Cerrar de pestañas postizas.

Right Now the Time is Seven o’Clock in Paris.

Brian Williams does the intro.

Brian Williams:

Say there, good looking, are those your regular waves over La Seine, or is your tail just happy to not read us.

Hey, Smith,
Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before

Speak of the DEVIL, over at the FIP ROCK island it’s Time to make your bed out of Stone… acaso crees que estoy en un puto lecho de Rosas, pues. De cualquier manera, Yesterday’s news are being rehashed by The Yellow Submarine making a stand for the backward peoples of the right… in Central NATO Time, y’all.

Bus Line 24… 10.20 am
Aún no estamós seguros, Vendredi Noir apenas va en termino medio, dicho de otra chingada manera, t’odavia le cuelga para el ano nuevopara el agnopara San Silvestre, pues. pero pareja yo’hay no’mas le comento de que al obelisco en concordia ya le removieron el tumor que presentaba (en lo que sería el pelvis del Hombre de París1️⃣), en revancha, al parecer un par de gónadss han brotado en ese sector. The scene is a bit RAW at the moment so instead of feeding you a candid visual of the pelvis at Tuileries1️⃣. Instead, we leave Ewe with a pair of cute mini Cybertrons; o como dicen las Taxi Chicas en la Porte de Saint–Ouen: C’est Paris.

Can Ewe Hear Me Now… Yo, Cousin Joe’Joe, à les Bergas de Charenton son  las once de la mañana, please tell Willie Geist to not Rock, we [the staff] repeat: Do Not Rock the motherfucking Juke Box… Mick Jagger wants to hear some Jones, Morricone!

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